Free download Boxoft free Flac to MP3 Converter (freeware)

Boxoft free Flac to MP3 Converter (freeware)

Boxoft flac to MP3 Converter is an 100% free flac to MP3 converter software to convert popular flac audio files to MP3
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22 November 2010

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FLAC or the free lossless audio codec provides compression to digital audio tracks. What is notable however, unlike the well known and popular MP3 compression, there is no loss in the audio quality. The FLAC compression is completely lossless and thus likely to give you the best audio quality. MP3 compression on the other hand does introduce some loss while compressing. The information removed in the MP3 scheme is what we are not able to hear anyway. Over time MP3 became very popular, initially primarily due to the small sized files created. While memory space was at a premium initially, it is not such a big deal these days. During your collection drive you may have found some tracks, you want badly, only in the FLAC format. Only problem however is, the portable player you use may not be able to play FLAC. This tool then can convert such tracks into the MP3 that every player supports.

The GUI is simple and has two modes that include batch mode and the hot directory mode. Besides the program can be operated through the command line. The batch mode offers the usual controls for collecting a list of files to convert. The tool provides a log so that you know if the tracks are getting converted properly or a problem happened. The hot directory mode is a convenience. Once the hot directory and the output folder and a log folder have been identified, all you need to convert a track is to drop the track to the hot directory and you are done. Command line is for the experienced users of course. If your audio tool box lacks a FLAC converter, here`s one that can be added, it is free too.

Publisher's description

Boxoft flac to MP3 Converter is an 100% free and simple, lightning-fast and powerful audio conversion tool that lets you to batch convert flac file to high quality MP3 audio formats, It is equipped with a standard audio compressed encoder, you can select bitrate settings and convert multiple files at once. Another convenience feature is hot directory (Watch Folder to convert Audio);
The flac to MP3 converter provides optimized settings which can be set up to meet your demands. It supports Reserve ID3 tag and batch conversion as well.
Key Features
Easy to use - Just select the file you want to convert on your system!
Option of setting encoder property like bit rate, channel, sample rate, quality.
Reserve all ID3 tags in the original files after converting audio to MP3.
Automatically and silently convert flac to mp3 using watched folders.
Freely edit ID3 tag info like title, album, artist, URL, genre, year when converting flac audio to MP3.
The flac to MP3 converter allows you to drag & drop file, specify output path, and queue music files.
Boxoft free Flac to MP3 Converter (freeware)
Boxoft free Flac to MP3 Converter (freeware)
Version 1.0
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